Herkules Vehicle Lift - Portable
Herkules Vehicle Lift - Portable
Order No. HRK-K900P

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  • The K900P Portable Vehicle Lift is ideal for many applications including body repair, vehicle inspection & estimation, tire change & rotation, detailing and brake work.

  • The dolly handle and attached wheels provide an easy way to move the lift anywhere in the shop.

  • Features

  • Hitch, Handle & Wheels -- Easily maneuver your Lift around the shop

  • Internal Automatic Safety Arm -- To work safely at numerous heights.

  • Pop-off Safety Valve-- To prevent over inflation of the Air Bag.

  • Rubber Blocks -- Four 3.9" x 5" x 1.5" and four 3.9" x 8" x 1.5 included

  • Warranty -- 5 year limited warranty on the Herkules Air Bag

  • Pure Vertical Lift -- Vehicles are raised straight up and lowered straight down

  • Weight:  909.00 lbs